Atma Design is an advertising agency with a decade of experience in managing and producing ambitious projects. We have the razor-sharp expertise and professionalism to devise a coordinated image for our clients.

Constructed through a series of coherent components – from a logo, headed paper and business cards to brochures, a website and promotional gifts – a coordinated image gives a company a consistent, unique identity.

It’s vital to promote your business through a website that can be accessed from all kinds of device – PCs, tablets and smartphones. Atma Design is also a web agency. We build websites in a minimalist, elegant style with strong visual impact and great attention to detail that our customers can run entirely on their own.

Our services also include web marketing to improve your content’s search-engine ranking and social marketing for greater visibility on Facebook.

A logo is an unmistakeable expression of a brand’s identity. Atma Design can devise and produce company logos and trademarks based on a symbol, a word, or a combination of both.

We create original and professional vector illustrations for digital and hard-copy use, sets of icons and mascots for videos, websites, software and mobile apps.

Atma Design’s professional photography and video-production experts offer high-quality photographic and video services to our clients. Showing your business, your staff, your products or maybe even a production cycle makes your communications and your shared content even more interesting and engaging.

We meticulously design company reportages, product still-life shots, aerial footage taken with drones, and fully edited videos and adverts with titles and soundtrack.